Advancing research
on a path to safe,

immersive world.

We aim to be the pioneers who shape the
next human frontier addressing the crisis of
trust deficit globally.

Our Purpose

Building blocks for the

Digital Frontier

P2E is a pioneer and solutions expert for web enabled human experiences. Our flagship products and thought-provoking research are re-defining the next era of human fluidity within digital contexts.

P2E Pro Core Technologies

  • DLT
  • AI/ML
  • Self Regulated PETs
  • Smart Contracts
  • AR/VR


Our DLT Ecosystem is permissioned and decentralized. Our product engineering has ensured that it provides extreme degrees of fault tolerance, security, and legal compliance. The ecosystem's 'Legal Layer' is not just another transaction validation mechanism.


Reality Redefined

Where could one find the beauty and tranquility, the colours and textures, the flavors and richness of an immersive world, you thought only existed in dreams?!